RAW – March 22nd 2021
RAW – March 22nd 2021   March 23rd, 2021    Posted by: Nadia Cooke  /   RAW WWE

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After the match, Rhea Ripley made her entrance and entered the ring. Ripley said Asuka is one of the greatest women’s champions in history and has proven her point. Ripley recalled Charlotte Flair challenging Asuka for the championship while Asuka was recovering from having her teeth knocked out.

Ripley said Flair wasn’t there because she was recovering from COVID. Ripley said she would need an answer. She challenged Asuka to a championship match at WrestleMania. Asuka took the mic and yelled in Japanese, then said, “You are not ready for Asuka.” Asuka accepted the challenge to a WrestleMania match

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 What does The Nightmare have in store for Monday nights?
What does The Nightmare have in store for Monday nights?   March 20th, 2021    Posted by: Nadia Cooke  /   RAW WWE

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This is her brutality, and it has a new home on Monday Night Raw.

Over the last several weeks, the WWE Universe and the Raw Women’s Division have been warned, and this Monday, “The Nightmare” Rhea Ripley will finally arrive on Raw.

Will Ripley be looking to put the red brand on notice right off the bat?

Find out this Monday on Raw live at 8/7 C on USA Network!

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 New Years Evil January 5th 2021
New Years Evil January 5th 2021   February 19th, 2021    Posted by: Nadia Cooke  /   NXT WWE

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Rhea Ripley and Raquel Gonzalez headed straight to the outside to fight. The Nightmare handcuffed her opponent to the chain-link fence only for Gonzalez to break off the chain. Gonzalez blasted Ripley with the ring bell then attempted to bury her under the announce table and chairs.

The brutality from Gonzalez continued. She booted Ripley down the steps into the backstage area. The Nightmare responded by shattering a glass door with her opponent’s back. Ripley followed up with a senton bomb off a locker through a table on her rival.

Dakota Kai ran in to save her friend only to get brutalized in a locker by The Nightmare before Ripley trapped her. The Nightmare trapped Gonzalez in the Prism Trap, adding in a steel chair. When Gonzalez worked her way out of it, she and Ripley ran hard into the LED board on the stage.

Neither woman looked ready to stop until Gonzalez grabbed Ripley and single-arm powerbombed The Nightmare through the stage. The heel was the only one to be able to stand back up.


Gonzalez def. Ripley by 10-count.

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