May 10th, 2022
 RAW – May 9th 2022
RAW – May 9th 2022

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We see a replay of Edge Vs. AJ Styles from last night’s WrestleMania Backlash. Edge got the win thanks to Rhea Ripley, the newest member of The Judgement Day. Edge, Ripley and Damian Priest make their way to the ring and Edge is sporting a new haircut that looks very similar to Ripley’s swept-back fade.

The Judgement Day are in the ring and Edge says they formed because they were tired being sheep. What did being a sheep get him? A spot in the Hall of Fame? He’s bigger than the Hall of Fame. There isn’t a part of him that hasn’t had a surgery and it left him on the sideline for nine years. He came back, played the role again, and what happened? The ugly fans got on their cheap phones and Tweeted crap about him.

Priest says nothing or no-one can touch The Judgement Day. Individually, they’re better than all of the rest but together they’re something else. They were incredible when it was just him and Edge, but imagine how much better they’re going to be now that they’ve added an instrument of brutality. Ripley says joining The Judgement Day was the easiest decision of her life.

Rhea saw Edge and Priest change for the better and she wanted that for herself. She’s done singing autographs at the airport for kids that say they want to be like her when they grow up. The same kids sell her autographs on eBay. She’s done being used, but she has some unfinished business. Liv Morgan will no longer ride her coattails.

Edge says this group is all about unrealised potential. Ripley and Priest are his saints of faith, two souls that needed a rudder and he is that rudder. Edge says he approached Ripley a few weeks ago and told her that Morgan was holding her back. He looked at Ripley and he saw a juggernaut that could run over anyone but was content in the slow lane. now she has been unleashed. But his movement is not done, they aren’t finished and they want more souls. Liv Morgan interrupts.

The match starts and they hockey fight. Ripley shoves Liv back and headbutts her. Ripley lifts and throws Morgan across the ring, then delivers a shoulder tackle in the corner. Rhea with another biel, then another shoulder tackle in the corner. Ripley lifts Morgan onto the top rope and punches her but Morgan hits her with a hurricanrana.

Morgan lands a few strikes but Ripley catches her with a big boot and scores a near-fall. Ripley mounts Morgan and delivers some big right hands. Edge is loving this. Liv slaps her, so Ripley slaps her right back. Ripley slams Liv into the mat a few times, then applies a bodyscissors. Liv tries to fight up but gets knocked down with a clothesline.

Ripley pins with one foot but Morgan kicks out. Ripley puts a boot on Liv’s back and stands on her. Ripley lifts her up and wants the Riptide but Morgan slides down the back and lands a flurry of punches and kicks. Liv with a bulldog and a springboard recoil for a near-fall. Ripley fights back and hits a kick to the face, then applies the Prism Trap and Liv taps.

After the match Edge and Priest get in the ring and pose with Ripley. Edge gives Ripley a nod, so Rhea grabs Liv and applise the Prism Trap again. Liv screams and taps out but Edge gets down and mocks her tapping out. Ripley eventually throws her aside but then out comes Finn Balor with AJ Styles at his side. Balor will be facing Priest after the break.

Balor wants a dive to the outside but Ripley pulls Priest out of the way and Balor stops. Edge then Spears Finn.

As soon as the match ends, Styles attacks Edge and they brawl. Styles gets the better and then throws hands with Priest until Ripley stands between them, allowing Edge to jump AJ from behind. Edge hits a Spear at the same time that Priest hits a sweep. The Judement Day pose together.


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