March 8th, 2022
 RAW – March 7th 2022

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The match starts with Morgan and Carmella. Liv backs Carmella into the corner and hits her with double knees, then tags Ripley. Rhea clobbers Carmella with repeated knees, then Vega tags in. Ripley lifts Vega up for a stalling suplex and Carmella runs in but Ripley boots her while holding Vega. Zelina knocks Ripley out of the ring with a DDT, then Carmella kicks her against the steel steps.

Vega is holding Ripley down with a submission. Carmella is tagged in followed a boot to the face from Vega. Carmella smushes Ripley’s face into the mat, then hits her with an Edgecutor. Carmella wastes time talking trash and Ripley hits her with a unique up-kick. Morgan and Vega get the tags and Liv hits an enziguiri, dropkick to the back, and a springboard dropkick for a near-fall.

Morgan slides under a clothesline and rolls Vega up for a near-fall. Zelina leaps to her corner to make a tag but Carmella isn’t there, she’s over talking with her boyfriend, Corey Graves. The distraught Zelina Vega gets caught with a slam but Liv, then Ripley tags in and hits the Riptide for the win while Carmella is still chatting with Graves.


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