May 18th, 2021
 RAW – May 17th 2021

Digital | Screen Captures

Rhea Ripley rolls up and says she couldn’t care less about that match and she wants a new challenger because Flair is yesterday’s news. Charlotte says she’s gonna beat Asuka and win the title, and Rhea says she’s gonna watch her match because the Queen might fall.

Rhea enters the Thunderdome to catch a view ringside before we cut to commerical break.

Rhea is seen sitting ringside once we return back from commerical, smiling and enjoying the match.To the floor, putting Asuka face-first into the announce desk, jawing with Rhea Ripley, throwing Asuka back inside, catch the kick, figure four blocked, she boots Ripley off the apron, spinning toehold, reversed. Asuka win’s by pinfall with a small package as Charlotte is shocked, while Rhea is smiling holding her title up calling Charlotte a loser over and over again.

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