RAW Results – June 13th 2022
RAW Results – June 13th 2022   June 14th, 2022    Posted by: Nadia Cooke  /   RAW WWE

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Earlier in the night, RAW aired a promo clip of what had taken place the previous Monday night when Rhea Ripley and Damian Priest had turned on Edge and formed an alliance with Finn Balor instead. Thus creating a new Judgment Day.

The segment for tonight opens with Bianca Belair coming to the ring first. Moments before, Rhea Ripley had been brought up by the commentators, reminding everyone that The Nightmare is the current number one contender to the RAW Women’s Championship at Money in The Bank. Kevin Patrick begins by interviewing Bianca Belair and asking her how prepared she is to face this new version of Rhea Ripley. Bianca begins her response by saying that she is prepared for anything and stays ready so she doesn’t have to get ready. Despite that, she says that she is looking forward to facing Rhea at Money in The Bank; as they are both at the forefront of a new generation of women in the WWE.

Bianca adds that as she was claiming so many different accolades in the company, Rhea was on the other side doing just as amazing. Bianca tells Kevin that she and Rhea used to push each other to get better and that there was mutual respect and she loved that – but ever since Rhea joined The Judgment Day, she no longer recognizes Rhea. She then says that this new version of Rhea is soulless. Bianca says that she is sure that Rhea joined the faction to intimidate people and goes on to say that she is not the one to try and intimidate. Bianca says that Rhea is free to try and intimidate anyone else in the back but when it comes to her, it’s not happening. After claiming that at the end of their match at Money in The Bank, she was still going to walk out as RAW Women’s Champion.

Rhea appears on the titantron, calling out to Bianca to capture her attention. Rhea tells Bianca that she is all talk, but The Judgment Day? They speak through their actions. As she says this, the camera pans out and the rest of The Judgment Day is shown now standing beside Rhea. Finn Balor informs Bianca that they do what they want when they want. He says they are tired of playing nice and tired of taking orders; that is why they knocked Edge off of his pedestal and removed him from The Judgment Day. Damian Priest then speaks up, saying that Edge had the right idea when he initially started the faction, it was meant as a movement for those who were tired of living their lives for others, and says that Edge contradicted himself. Edge had painted himself as their leader and said “don’t do as you’re told”. Damian says that Edge sealed his fate and now The Judgment Day is all equal.

Rhea speaks up again and says that Bianca cares too much about what everyone thinks. He says that maybe if Bianca stopped caring so much about what the WWE Universe thinks, she would actually stand a chance at retaining her RAW Women’s Championship at Money in The Bank. Rhea tells Bianca that she claims she’s the EST but it really sounds like she is trying to convince herself as such. Rhea goes on to say that she doesn’t have to tell people she’s intimidating, she just is. Rhea recalls the previous week in the fatal-four-way, she claims she had her teeth knocked loose but loved it and that in that match, she took what she wanted and is now the number one contender for the RAW Women’s Championship. Rhea says that the only EST Bianca will be at Money in The Bank will be her own greatEST downfall. Rhea then says she will walk the walk and be a two-time RAW Women’s Champion.

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 RAW – June 6th 2022
RAW – June 6th 2022   June 7th, 2022    Posted by: Nadia Cooke  /   RAW WWE

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Edge, Rhea Ripley, and Damian Priest make their way to the ring as we wait for the reveal of the newest member of THE Judgment Day.

We are back and Priest tells the WWE Universe you know what time it is. He wants everyone to rise for THE Judgment Day. Rhea says control is an illusion. An illusion that led AJ Styles, Liv Morgan, and Finn Balor into believing they would prevail at Hell in a Cell. We were destined for victory and their message is spreading like wildfire. Their destiny has no limitation. Priest says that is truth spoken by Rhea Ripley. Their destiny has no limitations. Rhea’s destiny is to become the Raw Women’s Champion again. She will be one step closer to omnipotence after winning the Fatal Four Way tonight and then beat Bianca at Money in the Bank.

Edge asks for everyone to be quiet since the adult is speaking. Last night, they did exactly what they said they would do. They would stand tall. Before he can go any further, he has to tell these two people how proud he is. How they have grown and blossomed under his learning tree. Rhea is a Superstar Wrecking Machine. Damian stands taller and he oozes confidence. The reason is because they listened. They weren’t the only ones listening. There was someone else listening who heard their message.

Edge says he will introduce the newest member of THE Judgment Day.

Finn Balor makes his way tot he ring and Edge tells Finn he saw the look in his eyes change during their match last night. When Rhea and Damian told him that you reached out, he was excited. You are one of the most spectacular. How did this come to pass?

Finn thanks Edge for the kind words. The look you saw in his eyes last night was clarity. Joining THE Judgment Day was not a choice, it was a calling. He says he is tired of pretending he is someone he is not. Finn says he sees it clearly. He wants to extend that to Damian and Rhea. He saw Damian fight with more conviction than ever before. Rhea stood between us and protected you. I should have been furious. I was impressed and I was in awe. I reached out to them after the show. We have a lot more in common than you realize. We are tired of being told what to do.

Damian tells Edge he is one of the greatest competitors and that is why it was easy for him and Rhea to join us into this journey of darkness. You have taught us to get rid of limitations. We are ready to shed that last limitation and it is you.

Priest punches Edge and Balor and Rhea join in. Priest with a choke slam and then Balor hits Coup de Grace. Edge tries to fight back but Priest and Balor stop Edge. Priest gets Edge up for Razor’s Edge through the table. Balor punches Edge and then Edge is sent back into the ring. Rhea gets a few chairs and brings them into the ring. Balor rips off part of the chair and applies a crossface using the chair part. They set for a Conchairto and Rhrea keeps officials away. Priest gives Edge the Conchairto.

Doudrop goes after Alexa and sends her to the floor while Rhea head butts Liv. Doudrop with a forearm to Rhea and Rhea fires back. They continue the exchagne and go for clotheslines but cannot move the other. Rhea with a thrust kick and she tries to get Doudrop up but she blocks it. Doudrop gets Rhea up for a slam but Rhea lands on her feet. Doudrop with an elbow. Liv and Alexa pull Doudrop to the floor and send her into the apron. Rhea kicks Alexa and then takes Liv down with an arm drag. Liv with a jaw breaker and a running knee into the corner. Liv with a back elbow into the corner but Rhea catches Liv. Rhea with a short arm clothesline. Alexa with a kick and chop to Rhea.

Rhea grabs Alexa by the throat and connects with a knee and forearm to the back. Rhea sends Alexa into the turnbuckles a few times. Rhea kicks Alexa in the corner. Alexa with knees but Rhea with a punch and forearms. Rhea sends Alexa to the mat. Rhea with a boot to Alexa and she stands on Alexa’s back. Rhea waves to Bianca and Bianca waves back. Rhea gets Alexa up for a delayed vertical suplex but Liv with a kick and then she hits a drop kick to send Rhea to the floor. Alexa blocks a forearm on the apron and connects with a forearm of her own. Alexa goes for a pescado but Rhea catches her. Liv with a drop kick to Alexa’s back. Doudrop with a suicide dive.

Doudrop with a double sledge to Alexa’s back. Doudrop with a chin lock but Alexa with elbows. Doudrop with a short arm clothesline for a near fall. Doudrop with a splash into the corner. Liv with a drop kick to Doudrop and Rhea kncoks Liv down. Liv with a drop kick to Rhea and she punches Rhea many times. Rhea with a punch but Liv kicks Rhea and goes to the turnbuckles and hits a head scissors take down. Alexa kicks Rhea on the turnbuckels. Doudrop with a POUNCE to Liv. Alexa with Code Red to Rhea and then Doudrop with a splash to Alexa for a near fall. Liv with an enzuigiri to Doudrop but Doudrop with a sit out power bomb for a near fall.

Doudrop kicks Alexa and goes to the turnbuckles for a Vader Bomb but Rhea stops Doudrop. Rhea climbs the turnbuckles and connects with a forearm.and elbows. Liv and Alexa go under Doudrop for a Tower of Doom. Everyone is down and Alexa gets a near fall on Doudrop while Liv gets a near fall on Rhea. Alexa and Liv circle each other and Alexa with a rollup. Liv with a rollup for a near fall. Alexa with an inside cradle and then they roll around and the referee cannot make the count. Liv gets a near fall. Alexa with a kick and DDT to Liv. Alexa pulls Liv into position and goes up to for Twisted Bliss. Liv gets her knees up and Doudrop sends Alexa to the floor. Liv with a springboard face buster and she goes for ObLIVion but Nikki grabs Liv to stop her. Alexa and Nikki clothesline each other. Doudrop misses a splash into the corner.

Liv goes for a cross body but Doudrop catches her and hits a Michinoku Driver but Rhea breaks up the cover. Rhea goes for RipTide and hits it for the three count.

After the match, Rhea stares down Bianca and then Damian and Finn join Rhea in the ring.

Winner: Rhea Ripley

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 WWE Hell In A Cell – June 5th 2022
WWE Hell In A Cell – June 5th 2022   June 6th, 2022    Posted by: Nadia Cooke  /   Pay-Per-View Peacock WWE WWE Network

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A brawl broke out between all six competitors that led to the good guys sending Edge and Priest out of the ring. Balor and Styles launched Morgan at Ripley to hit a hurricanrana before The Eradicator took her former tag team partner down with a stiff headbutt.

Ripley proceeded to dismantle Morgan for a while, but she couldn’t keep her down for the pin. The Judgment Day cemented their grip on the match as different members tagged in from both teams.

The crowd popped when Styles got the hot tag and started taking Edge and Priest down with his wide array of signature moves. Once Priest and Ripley helped him regain the upper hand, Edge drilled Balor with a Spear to get the win.

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 RAW – May 9th 2022
RAW – May 9th 2022   May 10th, 2022    Posted by: Nadia Cooke  /   RAW Uncategorized WWE

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We see a replay of Edge Vs. AJ Styles from last night’s WrestleMania Backlash. Edge got the win thanks to Rhea Ripley, the newest member of The Judgement Day. Edge, Ripley and Damian Priest make their way to the ring and Edge is sporting a new haircut that looks very similar to Ripley’s swept-back fade.

The Judgement Day are in the ring and Edge says they formed because they were tired being sheep. What did being a sheep get him? A spot in the Hall of Fame? He’s bigger than the Hall of Fame. There isn’t a part of him that hasn’t had a surgery and it left him on the sideline for nine years. He came back, played the role again, and what happened? The ugly fans got on their cheap phones and Tweeted crap about him.

Priest says nothing or no-one can touch The Judgement Day. Individually, they’re better than all of the rest but together they’re something else. They were incredible when it was just him and Edge, but imagine how much better they’re going to be now that they’ve added an instrument of brutality. Ripley says joining The Judgement Day was the easiest decision of her life.

Rhea saw Edge and Priest change for the better and she wanted that for herself. She’s done singing autographs at the airport for kids that say they want to be like her when they grow up. The same kids sell her autographs on eBay. She’s done being used, but she has some unfinished business. Liv Morgan will no longer ride her coattails.

Edge says this group is all about unrealised potential. Ripley and Priest are his saints of faith, two souls that needed a rudder and he is that rudder. Edge says he approached Ripley a few weeks ago and told her that Morgan was holding her back. He looked at Ripley and he saw a juggernaut that could run over anyone but was content in the slow lane. now she has been unleashed. But his movement is not done, they aren’t finished and they want more souls. Liv Morgan interrupts.

The match starts and they hockey fight. Ripley shoves Liv back and headbutts her. Ripley lifts and throws Morgan across the ring, then delivers a shoulder tackle in the corner. Rhea with another biel, then another shoulder tackle in the corner. Ripley lifts Morgan onto the top rope and punches her but Morgan hits her with a hurricanrana.

Morgan lands a few strikes but Ripley catches her with a big boot and scores a near-fall. Ripley mounts Morgan and delivers some big right hands. Edge is loving this. Liv slaps her, so Ripley slaps her right back. Ripley slams Liv into the mat a few times, then applies a bodyscissors. Liv tries to fight up but gets knocked down with a clothesline.

Ripley pins with one foot but Morgan kicks out. Ripley puts a boot on Liv’s back and stands on her. Ripley lifts her up and wants the Riptide but Morgan slides down the back and lands a flurry of punches and kicks. Liv with a bulldog and a springboard recoil for a near-fall. Ripley fights back and hits a kick to the face, then applies the Prism Trap and Liv taps.

After the match Edge and Priest get in the ring and pose with Ripley. Edge gives Ripley a nod, so Rhea grabs Liv and applise the Prism Trap again. Liv screams and taps out but Edge gets down and mocks her tapping out. Ripley eventually throws her aside but then out comes Finn Balor with AJ Styles at his side. Balor will be facing Priest after the break.

Balor wants a dive to the outside but Ripley pulls Priest out of the way and Balor stops. Edge then Spears Finn.

As soon as the match ends, Styles attacks Edge and they brawl. Styles gets the better and then throws hands with Priest until Ripley stands between them, allowing Edge to jump AJ from behind. Edge hits a Spear at the same time that Priest hits a sweep. The Judement Day pose together.


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 RAW – March 7th 2022
RAW – March 7th 2022   March 8th, 2022    Posted by: Nadia Cooke  /   RAW WWE

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The match starts with Morgan and Carmella. Liv backs Carmella into the corner and hits her with double knees, then tags Ripley. Rhea clobbers Carmella with repeated knees, then Vega tags in. Ripley lifts Vega up for a stalling suplex and Carmella runs in but Ripley boots her while holding Vega. Zelina knocks Ripley out of the ring with a DDT, then Carmella kicks her against the steel steps.

Vega is holding Ripley down with a submission. Carmella is tagged in followed a boot to the face from Vega. Carmella smushes Ripley’s face into the mat, then hits her with an Edgecutor. Carmella wastes time talking trash and Ripley hits her with a unique up-kick. Morgan and Vega get the tags and Liv hits an enziguiri, dropkick to the back, and a springboard dropkick for a near-fall.

Morgan slides under a clothesline and rolls Vega up for a near-fall. Zelina leaps to her corner to make a tag but Carmella isn’t there, she’s over talking with her boyfriend, Corey Graves. The distraught Zelina Vega gets caught with a slam but Liv, then Ripley tags in and hits the Riptide for the win while Carmella is still chatting with Graves.


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 RAW – January 31st 2022
RAW – January 31st 2022   February 1st, 2022    Posted by: Nadia Cooke  /   RAW WWE

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The bell rings, Nikki runs, and Ripley knocks her flying backwards. Rhea laughs at her, then Nikki shoots for a takedown but Ripley scoops her up and throws her away. Nikki dropkicks the knee and looks for a crossbody but Ripley catches her and turns it into a stalling vertical suplex. Nikki rolls from the ring and goads Ripley to go after her, then catches her inside the ring apron and batters her with forearms and kicks.

We return to find Nikki fighting up from a sleeper. She knocks Rhea into the buckles and poses with a smile on her face. Ripley dodges her, captures her arm and lands a few short-arm clotheslines and a headbutt. Rhea connects with a dropkick, then a northern lights suplex for a near-fall. Ripley puts Nikki on the top rope but A.S.H kicks her back, then hits a tornado DDT for a near-fall. Nikki wants a swinging neckbreaker but Ripley counters and lands a nice Riptide for the win.


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 RAW – January 24th 2022
RAW – January 24th 2022   January 27th, 2022    Posted by: Nadia Cooke  /   RAW WWE

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Rhea Ripley cut a promo earlier today in which she said she has a score to settle with Nikki A.S.H but right now she’s focused on the Royal Rumble. She will do anything it takes to win it. Dana Brooke then cuts a similar promo. Liv Morgan is next and she says everyone saw her nearly become Champion, but at Royal Rumble there will be no nearly.

Tamina starts with Brooke and drops her with a clothesline. Tamina lands some ground-and-pound, then goes to a submission. Brooke fights up and makes it to her corner. Ripley tags in and dropkicks Tamina, then knocks Carmella and Nikki off the apron. Ripley hits Tamina with some short-arm clotheslines, then a ripcord headbutt.

Rhea hits a dropkick, then a kick to the gut and a fisherman suplex for a near-fall. Carmella runs in and kicks RIpley, then Morgan dropkicks her, Nikki runs in and hits her, Dana knocks her from the ring, and Tamina drops Brooke. Carmella then tags in and looks to jump on a downed Ripley but Rhea grabs her with the Prism Trap and Carmella quickly taps out.


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 RAW – January 10th 2022
RAW – January 10th 2022   January 11th, 2022    Posted by: Nadia Cooke  /   RAW WWE

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Super Brutality make their entrance to send us to break.

Super Brutality are interviewed in the ring.

They have an announcement, and Nikki ASH says that’s a challenge to Carmella and Zelina Vega for a rematch. Ripley gets in her ear and says that’s not what they talked about, and Nikki cuts her off and says everything’s fine, but Rhea says she doesn’t want to talk about this out here.

ASH says she wants to talk right now, and claims that once they get the tag titles back everything will be okay. Ripley fends off attempts to claim that she thinks she’s better than Nikki, but Nikki’s not having it and claims that she was the one doing Rhea a favor by sticking together.

Ripley says she never said she was better in the ring and ASH says she was talking about herself. Rhea gets hot and offers a hand to shake, saying it’s goodbye for now. Nikki says fine, she doesn’t want to be her teammate anymore, but she can’t shake her hand until Ripley looks her in the eye and tells her she still believes in her.

Rhea says she’s always believed in her and always will, and with her or against her, she’ll never stop believing in her and really hopes that they can be friends. Nikki asks if she means it and Ripley hugs her close. ASH poses on the ropes, Rhea offers a fist bump after and Nikki attacks her and beats her down!

She leaves the ring and says superheroes don’t need any friends while she stands tall on the ramp.

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 Survivor Series – November 21st 2021
Survivor Series – November 21st 2021   November 22nd, 2021    Posted by: Nadia Cooke  /   Pay-Per-View Peacock WWE WWE Network

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The traditional women’s Survivor Series elimination tag match pitting Team Raw (Rhea Ripley, Carmella, Queen Zelina, Liv Morgan and Bianca Belair) against Team SmackDown (Toni Storm, Shotzi, Shayna Baszler, Natalya and Sasha Banks) took to the squared circle next.

A distraction surrounding Carmella’s mask allowed Storm to roll up The Most Beautiful Woman in WWE and score the first elimination of the contest.

Dissension between Shotzi and Banks threatened the cohesion of Team SmackDown while Baszler battled Ripley back inside the squared circle. The action broke down, with the women each hitting signature offense before culminating in Banks and Belair pairing off.

The WrestleMania 37 opponents captivated the fans with an exchange that saw The EST of WWE trapped in the Bank Statement. Belair fought out and delivering a fallaway slam. The competitors picked up where they left off on wrestling’s grandest stage before The EST launched teammate Queen Zelina at Banks for a near-fall.

After Baszler and Shotzi refused to tag in, Storm tagged her partner and proceeded to do away with Zelina.

Morgan entered the ring for Raw and scored an impressive fall by pinning Storm following Oblivion.

Baszler applied the Kirifuda Clutch to down Morgan, Shotzi followed with a splash and Banks eliminated her following a headbutt.

The numbers disadvantage for Raw became even worse as Baszler dropped Ripley, leaving Belair on her own against four of the original five SmackDown competitors.

Winner: Team RAW

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