April 27th, 2021
 #RAW – April 26th 2021
RAW – April 26th 2021

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Rhea Ripley is interviewed backstage and says she happily watched Charlotte get fined. Tonight she’s focused on her tag team match, so Charlotte can keep playing rugby with the referees.

Baszler and Asuka start off and Shayna takes the arm before tagging Ripley, who tosses Asuka across the ring. Asuka attacks Ripley’s gut and hits a pop-up knee. Naomi tags in and hits a splash to Rhea, then tags Lana for a double-team roll and kick. Lana hits a wheelbarrow roll-up but then Rhea clocks her with a right hand and lands a suplex for two.

Ripley applies a body scissors to Lana and forearms her in the back. Dana and Mandy Rose walk down the ramp with a bucket of water. Baszler walks over and they throw the water over her, then Nia runs over and trips on the water. Nia flails in the water and can’t get up so Reggie drags her over the floor while everyone else watches and laughs.

Back live and Baszler is in control of Lana and snaps her arm. Lana hits a jawbreaker and a tilt-a-whirl Russian leg sweep to Shayna. Tag made to Asuka and she knocks Rhea and Nia off the apron before dropping Baszler with a Codebreaker. Asuka kicks the face over and over but gets caught with a knee to the mouth. Baszler tags Jax for a powerslam and elbow drop.

Jax hits a splash in the corner and a Samoan drop, but misses a second splash and Asuka fires off with punches. Naomi tags in and hits a springboard crossbody. Naomi knocks Baszler from the apron, then unloads on Nia and hits a springboard enziguiri. Reginald distracts Naomi and Jax drops her, then tags Ripley. The Women’s Champion lifts and slams Naomi down face-first, then Asuka breaks the pin attempt.

Rhea tosses Asuka out but Naomi tags Lana. Ripley catches Naomi attempting a hurricanrana and hits the Riptide. Lana attacks Ripley but gets caught. Rhea wants a spinning sidewalk slam but Lana rolls her up with a crucifix for two. Jax drops Naomi and Asuka at ringside. Ripley hits the Riptide on Lana, then Nia tags in for a leg drop and gets the win.

WINNERS: Rhea Ripley, Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler

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April 20th, 2021
 #RAW – April 19th 2021
RAW – April 19th 2021

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And she will show why she is the Queen. Asuka comes to the ring but before she can speak she is interrupted Rhea Ripley.

Ripley stays on the stage and Charlotte says if they want she can beat them both. Rhea can sit at ringside and take notes while she beats Asuka. Rhea says she’ll take that offer but she’s confident Asuka will beat her. Charlotte talks to Asuka in a condescending tone and says that’s so cute, she was the one ended her streak. Asuka keeps going to talk but Charlotte interrupts her until Asuka shouts “…tonight I will beat you bitch!”

Rhea Ripley is at ringside for this one. They lock-up and struggle for control, then separate and Asuka shoves Charlotte. They go back and forth with reversals and Charlotte attempts a backwards handstand but Asuka kicks her. Flair rolls to the apron and Asuka wants a hip attack but Charlotte avoids it and kicks her. Both women fight on the apron until they hit a double neckbreaker and both fall to the floor. Ripley stands up and stares at them both.

Back live and Charlotte is in control of Asuka and landing some big chops. Asuka is whipped to the corner and kicks Charlotte back, then hits a missile dropkick from the middle rope. Asuka lands a dropkick, then a pop-up knee to the face. Asuka with a hip attack in the corner, then a German suplex and a running kick for a near-fall. Charlotte slaps Asuka but gets caught with a flying armbar.

Charlotte rolls over and elbows herself free but misses a big boot. Charlotte catches Asuka with a knee but runs into a sloppy Codebreaker. They trade shots until Flair catches Asuka with a huge spear for a near-fall. Charlotte looks for Figure Four but Asuka kicks her off. Charlotte moves to the apron and catches a kick from Asuka to apply a hanging kneebar.

Flair wastes some time taunting Ripley, then runs back inside and at Asuka, who jumps over her and applies the Asuka Lock! Flair rolls to the ropes to cause the break. Charlotte drops Asuka and applies the Figure Four, then bridges to the Figure Eight to stare at Ripley at ringside. Ripley pulls Charlotte’s arms behind the referee’s back to break the hold. Charlotte grabs Rhea’s head and tries to drag her into the ring but Asuka kicks Charlotte and rolls her up to win.

After the match Asuka leaves and Ripley smiles at Flair from ringside.


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April 14th, 2021
 #NXT – April 13th 2021
NXT – April 13th 2021

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WWE Raw’s own women’s champion Rhea Ripley is here! She’s got the title and she’s got something to say to Raquel González too. At first they stare at each other, then they fist bump with the title belts, and they hug. And if that wasn’t enough SmackDown’s women’s champion Bianca Belair is now here too! All three fist bump their belts and hold them high in the air, smiling and celebrating with their gold as the NeXTRas chant “N-X-T” and then they all have a group hug in the middle of the ring before holding up their title belts again.

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April 13th, 2021
 #RAW – April 12th 2021
RAW – April 12th 2021

Digital | Screen Captures

Kevin Patrick is backstage with Raw Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley. Ripley says she was confident in herself and will introduce a brutal new world order for the Women’s Division. As for tonight, she’s going to prove that she is still ready for Asuka.

The bell rings, and they lock up. Asuka puts her in the corner and forearms away at her. Ripley fights out and pushes Asuka to the opposite corner. Ripley forearms her, so Asuka shoves her back. Asuka goes for a drop-toe-hold into the corner, but Ripley blocks it. Ripley throws Asuka across the ring and clubs away at her. Asuka counters a facebuster into a roll-up for a two count. Asuka goes for a cross arm breaker, but Ripley quickly gets to the bottom rope. Ripley quickly kicks and elbows her down. Ripley positions Asuka on the top rope and goes for a back superplex, but Asuka fights back. Ripley quickly comes back with a dropkick that sends Asuka to the floor.

We come back from the break to see Asuka counter a move from Ripley into a pin, but Ripley quickly kicks out. Ripley attacks and puts her in the corner, but Asuka boots her back twice. Asuka then hits a missile dropkick.

Asuka hits a knee to the face and a German Suplex. Asuka connects with a hip attack in the corner. Ripley throws her off, but Asuka kicks her in the head and takes her down with a spin kick. Asuka hits a sliding knee to the head for a near fall. There was definitely a moment where they weren’t on the same page. It looks like Ripley was supposed to counter a missile dropkick into a Prism Shift, but Ripley just stood there. Ripley then applies the Prism Shift. Asuka gets to the ropes, so Ripley slams her for a two count. Ripley talks a little trash and attacks. Asuka avoids a dropkick and goes for a sliding kick, but Ripley moves. Ripley goes for an electric chair, but she just falls back before even lifting Asuka. Ripley tries again and really struggles to get Asuka up on her shoulders. It looks like Asuka was supposed to hit a crucifix slam counter, but it looked more like a Samoan Drop. They just lay there. That was really bad.

Asuka quickly goes to an arm bar, but Ripley gets out. Asuka then applies an Asuka Lock, but Ripley fights out. Ripley hits an electric chair slam for a near fall. They roll to the apron. Ripley goes for a suplex, but Asuka fights it and drives her to the ring post. Asuka hits a hip attack against the ring post followed by a DDT on the apron.

Charlotte Flair then attacks them at ringside.

Flair hits Asuka with a fallaway slam and a foot to the face. Flair then kicks Ripley in the face. Flair mocks both women and walks off.


No Contest

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April 12th, 2021
 #Wrestlemania 37 Night Two – April 11th 2021
Wrestlemania 37 Night Two – April 11th 2021

Digital | Screen Captures

We go back to the stage and Ash Costello is introduced with a band. She performs “Brutality” as Rhea Ripley makes her entrance to a pop and some pyro. Out next comes RAW Women’s Champion Asuka to a pop. She hits the ring and poses in the corner as more pyro goes off around the stadium. We get formal ring introductions from Rome now. Joe, Saxton and Cole are back for this one.

The bell rings and they have words as they size each other up. Ripley charges but misses and Asuka dropkicks her but Ripley is still standing. They trade strikes and Asuka kicks her. Asuka rolls Ripley for a 2 count. Asuka with a backslide and a dropkick to send Ripley into the corner. Asuka misses a Hip Attack in the corner. Ripley runs into boots in the corner.

Ripley chops Asuka down in the corner and charges but Asuka sends her face-first into the turnbuckles, then kicks her. Ripley goes to the floor for a breather as the referee counts. They both are on the floor now. Asuka with a big knee to the face. Asuka brings it back in and stalks Ripley. Asuka with kicks to the back now. Ripley dodges another Hip Attack and levels Asuka with a kick. Ripley slams Asuka face-first for a 2 count in the middle of the ring.

Ripley mounts Asuka with strikes on the mat now. Ripley with a body scissors to keep control. Fans do dueling chants. Ripley smacks Asuka around now, disrespecting her for louder boos. Asuka tries to fight out of another body scissors but Ripley keeps it locked. They get up and Ripley kicks Asuka around some more while taunting her. Ripley with another slap and a clothesline, and another clothesline to put Asuka right back down. Asuka catches a kick and takes Ripley down into an ankle lock.

Ripley screams out as Asuka tightens the hold. Ripley powers up and turns the hold into a big German suplex, dumping Asuka on her head. Asuka kicks out right before the 3 count. Ripley takes it to the corner and slams Asuka face-first into the turnbuckle a few times. Asuka goes down with another turnbuckle shot. Ripley continues to take her time in punishing the champ. Ripley with shoulder thrusts to the lower back now as the referee warns her.

Ripley places Asuka on the top turnbuckle and clubs her in the back. Ripley climbs up for the super back suplex but Asuka resists, knocking Ripley back to the mat. Asuka turns around on the top and hits a missile dropkick for a pop. Ripley runs into a kick. Asuka with a big German suplex. Asuka with a Hip Attack in the corner. Ripley fights off a German attempt but Asuka keeps fighting. Asuka stuns Ripley to her knees with a big strike. Asuka with the Hip Attack to knock Ripley down from her knees for a close 2 count.

Asuka shows some frustration now before she goes to the top. Ripley runs and dropkicks Asuka, knocking her from the top turnbuckle to the floor, hitting the apron on the way down. The referee counts but Asuka returns to the apron. Ripley approaches but Asuka knocks her to the floor. Asuka goes for a kick from the apron but Ripley catches her on her shoulders, then slams her face-first into the edge of the apron. The referee counts but Ripley brings it back in. They trade shots on the apron now as the referee counts. Asuka with a huge DDT from the apron to the floor for a pop.

Asuka makes it back in 6 and Ripley is right after. Asuka nails a running knee for a 2 count. Asuka unloads with quick kicks to the head. Asuka with a sliding knee but Ripley catches it. Ripley stomps away after a takedown. Ripley with the inverted Cloverleaf submission. Asuka tries to break it but Ripley holds on. Asuka turns it into an armbar on the mat. Ripley fights and powers up, slinging Asuka into the bottom turnbuckle to break the hold. Ripley goes on and hits a big suplex from the apron into the ring for another close 2 count.

Asuka fights Ripley off from behind, then takes her down into an armbar. Ripley fights out into a 2 count. Asuka goes right into the Asuka Lock but it’s countered. Asuka with kicks while Ripley is on her knees now. Ripley tells her to bring it again, taunting her. Asuka kicks again and tries for the running boot. Ripley ducks it and nails Riptide in the middle of the ring for the pin to win the title.

Winner and New RAW Women’s Champion: Rhea Ripley

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April 8th, 2021
 #Join Rhea Ripley live on TikTok for a WWE Watch Party this Thursday night
Join Rhea Ripley live on TikTok for a WWE Watch Party this Thursday night

Rhea Ripley is going to party with the WWE Universe before she steps into the ring to challenge Asuka for the Raw Women’s Championship at WrestleMania.

The Nightmare will be hosting the first-ever WWE Watch Party exclusively on TikTok Thursday, April 8 at 6 p.m. ET/3 p.m. PT. During this live event, Ripley will share insights and stories while re-watching her NXT Women’s Title defense against Bianca Belair from NXT TakeOver: Portland. She will also interact with the WWE Universe, taking questions and comments from the live chat on TikTok.

To join the WWE Watch Party with Rhea, visit WWE’s official TikTok profile Thursday, April 8 at 6 p.m. ET/3 p.m. PT and cue up Rhea’s match against Bianca Belair from NXT TakeOver: Portland on Peacock in the U.S. and WWE Network elsewhere. Follow The Nightmare’s lead from there, and hit play when she tells you — or else.

Believe us, this is one party you don’t want to miss


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April 6th, 2021
 #RAW – April 5th 2021
RAW – April 5th 2021

Digital | Screen Captures

We start the match with Asuka and Baszler locking-up. Baszler takes the wrist but Asuka turns the tables and goes to a headlock. Asuka hits a shoulder tackle and then they shove each other a few times. Asuka hits another shoulder and Shayna falls. Asuka stomps her face a few times, then looks to tag Ripley but she shakes her head. Baszler punches Shayna, then Rhea tags herself in.

Baszler takes Ripley’s back but the Nightmare turns it around and hits a body slam, throwing Shayna across the ring! Jax tags in and comes face-to-face with Ripley and shoves her. Rhea fires back and they trade shots, then Ripley randomly tags Asuka in and climbs out. Jax grabs Asuka but the Champ slides off and kicks her in the gut. Asuka goes to a Black Widow submission but Asuka gets distracted with Rhea and thrown off.

Jax drops Asuka with a body attack, then forces her to the corner for a splash. Nia looks for another but Asuka avoids it and connects with a Codebreaker. Asuka tags Ripley in and she comes in against Shayna and goes to work. Reggie gets on the apron to distract Ripley and it works, allowing Shayna to hit a chop block. Jax tags herself in and drags Rhea under the bottom rope and slams her into the apron.

Back live and Shayna viciously stomps on Ripley’s ankle. Shayna forces her to the corner and tags Jax for a body slam and an elbow drop. Jax tags Baszler again and she beats her in the corner with hooks, then hits a snapmare and a kick to the back. Baszler goes to a heel hook to continue targeting the ankle. Shayna drops some elbows on the leg, then tags Jax but Rhea is able to drop her and crawl to Asuka.

The Empress tags in against Baszler and comes in hot. Asuka runs over Shayna and goes to the top rope but Ripley punches her off! Rhea Ripley grabs Asuka from behind and lifts her up, then slams her down face-first. Ripley puts Asuka back in the ring and Baszler hits a running knee for the win!

Rhea Ripley smiles and shouts at Asuka from ringside, saying she’s more than ready. This is her division now.


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March 30th, 2021
 #RAW – March 29th 2021
RAW – March 29th 2021

Digital | Screen Captures

Rhea Ripley was shown talking to a man backstage while Phillips hyped the contract signing for after the break.

Adam Pearce hosted the contract signing for the Raw Women’s Championship match at WrestleMania. He introduced Rhea Ripley followed by champion Asuka. Ripley said Asuka should be labeled as the “current” champion. Asuka laughed and said she’s the champion and Ripley is overconfident.

Ripley said she was confident enough to challenge Asuka on her first night, and is now confident enough to tell her that she will beat her and take her championship. Ripley signed the contract, then Asuka did the same. Asuka spoke in Japanese, then said Ripley’s confidence is borrowed, not earned. Asuka kept jawing at Ripley, who got upset and dumped the table on her.

Nia Jax, Shayna Baszler, and Reginald walked out and spoke from the stage. Jax said she doesn’t know what’s worse, Ripley having the audacity to challenge for the title on her first night or Asuka accepting. Baszler said she and Jax have dominated the entire division for nearly a year and questioned where their WrestleMania match is. Baszler threatened Ripley, who asked what was stopping her. Jax challenged Asuka and Ripley to step in the ring with them next week. “We accept,” Ripley said before tossing the mic aside

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