July 16th, 2024
 RAW Results – July 15th 2024
RAW Results – July 15th 2024

Digitals || Screen Captures

Rhea Ripley makes her entrance live in the arena and gets on the mic.

She tells us Mami’s home and she’s gonna handle Dominik Mysterio later but right now she’s concerned with Liv Morgan running around with the Women’s World Championship she never lost. Liv thinks she took her out but really she just pissed her off, and she wants her to walk out here and bring her stupid little self in front of her so she can rip her apart.

Enter Dominik Mysterio, carrying a single black rose like the sad little bottom he is.

Before he can do any business, Liv appears on the tron, her voice slightly hoarse.

She apologizes for it and explains she had a long night in Mexico and she’s a bit of a screamer. She talks injuries briefly before saying she meant everything when she said she was going to take everything from Rhea, and that includes Dom. She didn’t get the appeal at first but then she got to spend time with him looking into his eyes and kissing and it became very real to her, more real than anything else.

Mysterio protests the entire time, and Liv says Mami may be home, but she’s the one on top. Dominik begs off, saying it’s not what it looks like, but Ripley just pushes right through and makes the challenge for SummerSlam, Liv Morgan vs. Rhea Ripley for the WWE Women’s World Championship.

Morgan says she knew the endgame would always be them fighting for the title so she’s not going to run, but Ripley should know she’s not the same Liv Morgan she beat before and she’s finally going to beat her, and she accepts the challenge. Rhea says at SummerSlam she’s not just winning the title back, she’s ending her career, and she blows the camera a kiss.

Dom tries to give her the rose but Ripley’s not having it and swats it out of his hand on the stage.

we see Domink Mysterio continuing to beg Rhea Ripley to let him explain and she opens to the door to the Judgment Day clubhouse to see it filled with black roses.

He says he’s just trying to make it up and Damian Priest has a chuckle. Ripley opens the door and throws a bunch of roses in his face and presses some kind of dog figurine into his hands.

Damian Priest and Rhea Ripley catch up and Rhea respects how Damian has been handling things but wants to know why Carlito’s always hanging out. Before Priest can properly explain, Dominik Mysterio rolls up and begs Rhea to hear him out because he’s been trying to call her all week.

Ripley asks what he was doing the rest of the three months she was out and storms off

Finn Balor chats with Rhea Ripley and admits Liv Morgan helped them win but she’s just glad the titles are back in their rightful hands. Dominik Mysterio rolls up and says he got a match against Jey Uso to prove that nobody talks about his woman like that and Rhea calls him stupid and asks what he’s doing.

Dom offers to cancel the match, Ripley asks if he’s a coward, and he says he just wants to prove she’s still his Mami and belongs to him, and Rhea predictably and naturally takes offense and storms off. Carlito gives him crap for it.

RHEA RIPLEY IS HERE! Liv runs away, Dom begs off, referee Shaun Bennett is counting but Rhea tells Mysterio to get back in there and finish it! Uso with a spear, he goes up top…

Damian Priest “comforts” Dominik Mysterio before handing him over to Rhea Ripley.

She tells him she doesn’t belong to anyone and she’s not his, he’s hers, and she shoves the rose back at him.

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July 9th, 2024
 RAW Results – July 8th 2024
RAW Results – July 8th 2024

Digitals | Screen Captures

After the match, Morgan hugs Dominik, but Dominik pushes Morgan off. The two then share a moment, but Rhea Ripley’s music hits and she makes her return. Ripley makes her way down to the ring as Morgan retreats through the crowd, then slides in the ring and confronts Dominik. Dominik then looks to hug Ripley, but Ripley slides out of the ring and storms to the back. Dominik then follows her and looks to defend himself, but Ripley ignores him and continues up the ramp as the show comes to a close.

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July 6th, 2024
 RAW Results – April 15th 2024
RAW Results – April 15th 2024

Digitals | Screen Captures

Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley makes her way to the ring with her right arm in a sling. She does not look happy. Ripley gets in the ring and is sneering. A “Mami” chant fires up. Raw General Manager Adam Pearce is also in the ring. Ripley says, “So, obviously, you guys know what’s going on right now, yeah?” Ripley looks like she’s holding back tears. After the attack last week by Liv Morgan, she’s been told that she’s stuck on the bench for quite a few months. Ripley says she’s pissed off because she’s been told she needs to vacate the one thing that means the most to her: the Women’s World Championship. The crowd chants, “NO!” Ripley looks at the title. The crowd chants, “Bulls–t,” and Ripley says, “Yeah, it is.” Ripley says the title means the most to her in her entire life. That’s why this is so painful. Ripley lays the Women’s World Championship down on the mat and pulls at her hair. A “Thank you, Mami” chant picks up.

Ripley says, “Revenge Tour… this is all because of your stupid Revenge Tour, Liv.” She could’ve actually had respect for Morgan, but instead, Morgan blindsided her. Ripley understands because she would have dropped Morgan where she stood. This is a warning to whoever wins her Women’s World Championship. When she comes back, she’s coming back for blood. The crowd cheers. Ripley says she’s not going to be gone because of an injury. When she finds Morgan, Ripley will be locked up in Montreal jail.

Liv Morgan’s music hits, and she comes out with security, trying to hold her back. Morgan is laughing at the former champion. Ripley yells at them to let Morgan go. Ripley gets out of the ring, but she’s held back. Morgan is pulled away and continues to laugh at Ripley. The crowd loudly boos Morgan. Ripley lays out a security guard with a head-butt, but she doesn’t advance further.

Former Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley is walking backstage, looking very dejected. The Judgment Day is waiting for her, and they embrace her. World Heavyweight Champion Damian Priest says she’ll be more badass than ever when she comes back. They love her. Ripley tells them to make sure Judgment Day stays on top and to look out for “Dirty” Dom.

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April 18th, 2023
 RAW Results – April 17th 2023

Digitals | Screen Captures

Enter the Judgment Day.

They get in the ring and square up on the Bloodline.

Damian Priest gets on the mic and calls Paul before stepping up to Solo. Heyman says it’s a very good day to be a very bad guy and if there’s a heaven, none of them are getting into it, and this is a short-term deal engineered and approved of by your Tribal Chief, Roman Reigns.

Jey says they didn’t know anything about that and Paul takes the mic back to explain further. Roman didn’t want anyone except for Solo to know ahead of time and even Finn Balor isn’t happy about it because he has deep-rooted anger issues about the Bloodline, but he’s going to put that aside in the name of good, short-term villainry.

Speaking of which, the Judgment Day has a Bad Bunny concern, and Solo is an expert at assuaging concerns. Rhea Ripley says everything is good for now, and Paul lays it out, the Judgment Day need Bad Bunny taken care of, and Solo will do that because they have a Kevin Owens problem, a Sami Zayn problem, and a Riddle to solve.

And so tonight, the three of those babyfaces will wrestle the Judgment Day. Bloodline has no problem extending credit, and they’ll take care of things tonight, because right now in the godforsaken city of Arkansas, Solo is going to go one-on-one and smash his opponent tonight, Rey Mysterio.

Judgment Day are backstage talking about Bad Bunny’s return to Raw next week.

Dominik tells Damian that he doesn’t need to be Bunny’s friend, and talks about the great joy he felt seeing Solo Sikoa tear Rey Mysterio apart.

Paul Heyman rolls up and asks if they’re satisified, and Finn Balor tells him “eh.” Paul tells them to do “eh” to Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, and Matt Riddle so they don’t fall into debt with their Tribal Chief. Priest says the Judgment Day handles their business and Rhea tells Heyman goodbye.

Zayn and Balor to start, Finn with a side headlock, shot off, drop down, arm drags from Sami! Tag to Priest, Owens legal as well, front kick into a side headlock, shot off, shoulder block, shoulder block, and finally a dropkick takes Damian off his feet! Senton into a crotch chop, big right hand staggers him!

Balor back in, trading punches, whip across, duck a lariat, Owens with an Air Raid Crash but Finn chop blocks him! Putting boots to him in the ropes, Ripley runs interference with a lariat! Riddle tags in, exploder suplex and a senton, follow it with the fisherman buster… NOPE! Fireman’s carry, Finn claws his face to escape and tags Priest in!

Penalty Kick off the apron, Damian meets him… South of Heaven over the ropes to the floor and we go to break!

Back from commercial, Priest in control on Riddle, quick tags. Both men down and out, the path is clear and Zayn tags in hot! Clearing house, headed up top, Mysterio cuts him off! Jockeying for position, Sami with a sunset flip powerbomb… NOPE! Sami up top, Rhea Ripley cuts him off this time, Dom off the top… KO BREAKS UP THE PIN!

The match breaks down, Riddle with the ripcord knee, Priest hits the reverse STO, Sami clotheslines him to the floor! Zayn off the ropes, Rhea trips him up! Referee Chad Patton saw it and he ejects her from ringside! Dominik with a schoolboy for two, Sami catches him with the Blue Thunder Driver… SO CLOSE!

Tag to Owens, he goes up top, senton atomico… THE KNEES ARE UP! Balor goes for the Coup de Grace, nobody home, Stunner connects, one for Damian too, Sami charges in… HELLUVA KICK! Riddle wants the tag and gets it, corkscrew senton atomico…

Kevin Owens, Matt Riddle, & Sami Zayn win by pinfall

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January 24th, 2023
 RAW – Results January 23rd 2023
RAW – Results January 23rd 2023

Digital | Screen Captures

Damian Priest & Jimmy Uso starts this match off then Jimmy delivers a kick that sends Priest out of the ring. He looks to go flying, but Priest moves out of the way. Jimmy follows him out there, but Priest sends him flying across the announce table before tossing him back in the ring. Dominik Mysterio tags in and rains down right hands, then tags Priest back in.

Priest delivers a back elbow, then locks in a shoulder submission as we see Roman Reigns, Solo Sikoa, & Paul Heyman watching on from backstage. Jimmy escapes and delivers a right hand, then tags in Jey. Mysterio tags in and Jey delivers a series of kicks. He follows it up with a Samoan Drop and a hip attack, then tags in Jimmy as Mysterio tags Priest back in.

Priest delivers a right hand to Jimmy, then delivers a running back elbow and a superkick. Jimmy lands on the outside and Priest goes flying over the top to take him down. He tosses Jimmy back in the ring, then tags in Jey Uso. The Usos deliver a double superkick to Priest before Jey ascends to the top.

Finn Balor tries pulling him down, but the referee catches him and ejects him from ringside. Jey looks for a Frog Splash, but Priest gets his knees up. Jey manages to deliver a superkick, then tags in Jimmy. Jimmy climbs to the top and delivers a Frog Splash of his own. He goes for a pin, but Priest kicks out.

Priest rolls to the outside and Jimmy hits a suicide dive, but lands awkwardly on his knee. Medical officials help Jimmy to the back as Adam Pearce heads down and says if Jimmy can’t compete, then The Usos must forfeit. Zayn says there might be a solution and says he’s good to go. He asks to defend the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Titles with Jey & Pearce signs off on the idea.

Zayn & Jey begin brawling with Judgment Day. Jey & Zayn toss Judgment Day to the outside before Zayn goes flying over the top to take them down. He gets Mysterio back in the ring before Mysterio rains down right hands. Zayn fires back with an exploder, but Rhea Ripley distracts the referee, allowing Priest to hit South From Heaven.

Mysterio goes for a pin, but Zayn kicks out. Mysterio looks for the 619, but Jey catches him with a superkick. Ripley gets in the ring and dares Jey to hit her, allowing Mysterio to deliver the 619. He then climbs to the top and delivers a Frog Splash, then goes for a pin.

Zayn breaks the fall before sending Priest into the ring post shoulder first. Mysterio levels Zayn before Jey hits a superkick and tags in Zayn. Jey & Zayn then deliver 1D for the win.

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January 17th, 2023
 RAW Results – January 16th 2023
RAW Results – January 16th 2023

Digitals | Screen Captures

Judgment Day’s music hits and they then head to the ring. Rhea Ripley tells them to stop right there because the only thing The Bloodline needs to acknowledge is the fact that Judgment Day runs Raw. Balor says that they’re coming for The Bloodline next, then thanks Dominik Mysterio for filling in for him last week and winning the Tag Team Turmoil match. Damian Priest tells Finn Balor to take it easy in preparation for his match later, then tells The Usos that the Raw Tag Team Titles will be coming back to Raw full time. He says they have never stepped to Judgment Day because they’re scared. Mysterio asks them if they’re afraid and Jimmy asks who they should be scared of. Jey says they’ve knocked down every team that’s stepped to them, then says they started their reign after beating Mysterio and his father. They welcome them to the Uso Penitentiary.

Mysterio tells The Usos they wouldn’t have lasted a minute in prison, then calls them wannabes. He says the biggest wannabe is Sikoa. Sikoa doesn’t take too kindly to this and stares down Dominik. Ripley inserts herself between the two men, then stares down Sikoa. Mysterio hits Sikoa with a forearm, but Sikoa headbutts him. The Usos begin brawling with Judgement Day. Sikoa & Ripley are left in the middle of the ring, but Mustafa Ali comes in out of nowhere and blindsides them to kick off their match.

We head backstage to Cathy Kelley is with Judgment Day. Kelley asks Finn Balor how he feels heading into his match later and says if anyone is ready for the match, it’s him. Alpha Academy walks in and says Judgment Day barely snuck past them. Ripley tells Chad Gable not to make her do something she doesn’t regret.

Dominik Mysterio & Chad Gable starts this match off by they go for some mat wrestling but Gable tricks Mysterio then he tags in Damian Priest. Priest sends Gable to the outside, but Gable gets back in. Priest looks for a superkick, but Gable catches it and attempts to reverse it into the Ankle Lock. Gable escapes and sends Priest into the corner. He tags in Otis & Otis beats him down. Mysterio & Gable tag in. Mysterio low bridges Gable to the outside that takes us to a break.

After the break Mysterio sends Gable to the outside and tags in Priest. Priest delivers a rolling elbow and a jumping back elbow, then delivers a suplex. He sits him on the top turnbuckle, then clocks him with a forearm and tags in Mysterio. Dominik meets Gable on the top, but Gable knocks him off and goes flying. Priest & Otis tag in. Otis levels Priest with a splash and a lariat, then follows it up with a bodyslam. He goes for a pin, but Priest kicks out.

Otis delivers The Caterpillar, then ascends to the top rope. Priest meets him there and hits South Of Heaven. Gable levels him with a German suplex, but Dominik rolls him up. Gable kicks out and transitions into the Ankle Lock. Ripley distracts the referee, allowing Priest to hit South of Heaven to get the win.

Winners: Judgement Day 

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August 30th, 2022
 RAW Results – August 29th 2022
RAW Results – August 29th 2022

Digital | Screen Captures

 After the match, the music hits as The Judgment Day stands tall and we go to replays. Priest, Balor and Ripley go to leave but they stop when a SUV is shown arriving on the big screen. Edge hops out and he’s making his way into the arena as fans cheer. The Judgment Day changes their minds and now they’re headed back to the ring to wait for a fight.

The Judgment Day is in the ring with a mic. Balor rants and raves to boos, wondering where their documentary is, where is his respect as a legend. Priest says Balor told no lies. Priest goes on ranting about Edge and calls him out to face his judgment day so they can finish him off, finish what was started last week. Priest tosses the mic and they wait. The music finally hits and out comes Edge to a big pop. Edge runs the stage, then stops on the entrance-way and poses as the pyro goes off and fans start chanting his name. Edge says Balor made some good and some absolutely bad points. He says he and Rey Mysterio didn’t come back to steal Balor’s glory, they came back to show him how to reach Edge’s glory but his ego is too big and got in the way. Edge gets a pop from the Pittsburgh crowd. Edge says they were right, Beth isn’t here to watch his back. Edge praises his wife as a badass and warns Ripley to keep her hands to herself or she will find out why Beth is The Glamazon, kid. Edge says he and Priest went to war last week but Edge beat him. So now Edge is by himself, facing the three of them. Edge is on the apron now as he knocks the three and says all those months under his learning three and they didn’t pay attention… Edge says because he didn’t come here alone.

Rey and Dominik Mysterio attack from behind and unload on Edge an Priest with kendo stick shots as fans cheer them on. Edge sends Priest to the floor and follows him to keep brawling. Ripley and Dominik are alone in the ring now. Dominik stares her down with a kendo stick in hand. Ripley pleads a bit but fans want to see him hit her, and he’s acting like he might want to hit her, or maybe not as he backs away as she slowly approaches. Ripley grabs the stick and takes it from Dominik as fans boo. Edge and Rey rush in as Ripley threatens them with the stick, daring them to do something. Ripley laughs at Edge and Rey as Balor and Priest pull Ripley out of the ring to safety. Priest says they’re not done yet. Edge’s music starts back up as The Judgment Day retreats through the crowd while the two sides stare each other down.

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June 14th, 2022
 RAW Results – June 13th 2022
RAW Results – June 13th 2022

Digital | Screen Captures

Earlier in the night, RAW aired a promo clip of what had taken place the previous Monday night when Rhea Ripley and Damian Priest had turned on Edge and formed an alliance with Finn Balor instead. Thus creating a new Judgment Day.

The segment for tonight opens with Bianca Belair coming to the ring first. Moments before, Rhea Ripley had been brought up by the commentators, reminding everyone that The Nightmare is the current number one contender to the RAW Women’s Championship at Money in The Bank. Kevin Patrick begins by interviewing Bianca Belair and asking her how prepared she is to face this new version of Rhea Ripley. Bianca begins her response by saying that she is prepared for anything and stays ready so she doesn’t have to get ready. Despite that, she says that she is looking forward to facing Rhea at Money in The Bank; as they are both at the forefront of a new generation of women in the WWE.

Bianca adds that as she was claiming so many different accolades in the company, Rhea was on the other side doing just as amazing. Bianca tells Kevin that she and Rhea used to push each other to get better and that there was mutual respect and she loved that – but ever since Rhea joined The Judgment Day, she no longer recognizes Rhea. She then says that this new version of Rhea is soulless. Bianca says that she is sure that Rhea joined the faction to intimidate people and goes on to say that she is not the one to try and intimidate. Bianca says that Rhea is free to try and intimidate anyone else in the back but when it comes to her, it’s not happening. After claiming that at the end of their match at Money in The Bank, she was still going to walk out as RAW Women’s Champion.

Rhea appears on the titantron, calling out to Bianca to capture her attention. Rhea tells Bianca that she is all talk, but The Judgment Day? They speak through their actions. As she says this, the camera pans out and the rest of The Judgment Day is shown now standing beside Rhea. Finn Balor informs Bianca that they do what they want when they want. He says they are tired of playing nice and tired of taking orders; that is why they knocked Edge off of his pedestal and removed him from The Judgment Day. Damian Priest then speaks up, saying that Edge had the right idea when he initially started the faction, it was meant as a movement for those who were tired of living their lives for others, and says that Edge contradicted himself. Edge had painted himself as their leader and said “don’t do as you’re told”. Damian says that Edge sealed his fate and now The Judgment Day is all equal.

Rhea speaks up again and says that Bianca cares too much about what everyone thinks. He says that maybe if Bianca stopped caring so much about what the WWE Universe thinks, she would actually stand a chance at retaining her RAW Women’s Championship at Money in The Bank. Rhea tells Bianca that she claims she’s the EST but it really sounds like she is trying to convince herself as such. Rhea goes on to say that she doesn’t have to tell people she’s intimidating, she just is. Rhea recalls the previous week in the fatal-four-way, she claims she had her teeth knocked loose but loved it and that in that match, she took what she wanted and is now the number one contender for the RAW Women’s Championship. Rhea says that the only EST Bianca will be at Money in The Bank will be her own greatEST downfall. Rhea then says she will walk the walk and be a two-time RAW Women’s Champion.

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June 7th, 2022
 RAW – June 6th 2022
RAW – June 6th 2022

Digitals | Screen Captures

Edge, Rhea Ripley, and Damian Priest make their way to the ring as we wait for the reveal of the newest member of THE Judgment Day.

We are back and Priest tells the WWE Universe you know what time it is. He wants everyone to rise for THE Judgment Day. Rhea says control is an illusion. An illusion that led AJ Styles, Liv Morgan, and Finn Balor into believing they would prevail at Hell in a Cell. We were destined for victory and their message is spreading like wildfire. Their destiny has no limitation. Priest says that is truth spoken by Rhea Ripley. Their destiny has no limitations. Rhea’s destiny is to become the Raw Women’s Champion again. She will be one step closer to omnipotence after winning the Fatal Four Way tonight and then beat Bianca at Money in the Bank.

Edge asks for everyone to be quiet since the adult is speaking. Last night, they did exactly what they said they would do. They would stand tall. Before he can go any further, he has to tell these two people how proud he is. How they have grown and blossomed under his learning tree. Rhea is a Superstar Wrecking Machine. Damian stands taller and he oozes confidence. The reason is because they listened. They weren’t the only ones listening. There was someone else listening who heard their message.

Edge says he will introduce the newest member of THE Judgment Day.

Finn Balor makes his way tot he ring and Edge tells Finn he saw the look in his eyes change during their match last night. When Rhea and Damian told him that you reached out, he was excited. You are one of the most spectacular. How did this come to pass?

Finn thanks Edge for the kind words. The look you saw in his eyes last night was clarity. Joining THE Judgment Day was not a choice, it was a calling. He says he is tired of pretending he is someone he is not. Finn says he sees it clearly. He wants to extend that to Damian and Rhea. He saw Damian fight with more conviction than ever before. Rhea stood between us and protected you. I should have been furious. I was impressed and I was in awe. I reached out to them after the show. We have a lot more in common than you realize. We are tired of being told what to do.

Damian tells Edge he is one of the greatest competitors and that is why it was easy for him and Rhea to join us into this journey of darkness. You have taught us to get rid of limitations. We are ready to shed that last limitation and it is you.

Priest punches Edge and Balor and Rhea join in. Priest with a choke slam and then Balor hits Coup de Grace. Edge tries to fight back but Priest and Balor stop Edge. Priest gets Edge up for Razor’s Edge through the table. Balor punches Edge and then Edge is sent back into the ring. Rhea gets a few chairs and brings them into the ring. Balor rips off part of the chair and applies a crossface using the chair part. They set for a Conchairto and Rhrea keeps officials away. Priest gives Edge the Conchairto.

Doudrop goes after Alexa and sends her to the floor while Rhea head butts Liv. Doudrop with a forearm to Rhea and Rhea fires back. They continue the exchagne and go for clotheslines but cannot move the other. Rhea with a thrust kick and she tries to get Doudrop up but she blocks it. Doudrop gets Rhea up for a slam but Rhea lands on her feet. Doudrop with an elbow. Liv and Alexa pull Doudrop to the floor and send her into the apron. Rhea kicks Alexa and then takes Liv down with an arm drag. Liv with a jaw breaker and a running knee into the corner. Liv with a back elbow into the corner but Rhea catches Liv. Rhea with a short arm clothesline. Alexa with a kick and chop to Rhea.

Rhea grabs Alexa by the throat and connects with a knee and forearm to the back. Rhea sends Alexa into the turnbuckles a few times. Rhea kicks Alexa in the corner. Alexa with knees but Rhea with a punch and forearms. Rhea sends Alexa to the mat. Rhea with a boot to Alexa and she stands on Alexa’s back. Rhea waves to Bianca and Bianca waves back. Rhea gets Alexa up for a delayed vertical suplex but Liv with a kick and then she hits a drop kick to send Rhea to the floor. Alexa blocks a forearm on the apron and connects with a forearm of her own. Alexa goes for a pescado but Rhea catches her. Liv with a drop kick to Alexa’s back. Doudrop with a suicide dive.

Doudrop with a double sledge to Alexa’s back. Doudrop with a chin lock but Alexa with elbows. Doudrop with a short arm clothesline for a near fall. Doudrop with a splash into the corner. Liv with a drop kick to Doudrop and Rhea kncoks Liv down. Liv with a drop kick to Rhea and she punches Rhea many times. Rhea with a punch but Liv kicks Rhea and goes to the turnbuckles and hits a head scissors take down. Alexa kicks Rhea on the turnbuckels. Doudrop with a POUNCE to Liv. Alexa with Code Red to Rhea and then Doudrop with a splash to Alexa for a near fall. Liv with an enzuigiri to Doudrop but Doudrop with a sit out power bomb for a near fall.

Doudrop kicks Alexa and goes to the turnbuckles for a Vader Bomb but Rhea stops Doudrop. Rhea climbs the turnbuckles and connects with a forearm.and elbows. Liv and Alexa go under Doudrop for a Tower of Doom. Everyone is down and Alexa gets a near fall on Doudrop while Liv gets a near fall on Rhea. Alexa and Liv circle each other and Alexa with a rollup. Liv with a rollup for a near fall. Alexa with an inside cradle and then they roll around and the referee cannot make the count. Liv gets a near fall. Alexa with a kick and DDT to Liv. Alexa pulls Liv into position and goes up to for Twisted Bliss. Liv gets her knees up and Doudrop sends Alexa to the floor. Liv with a springboard face buster and she goes for ObLIVion but Nikki grabs Liv to stop her. Alexa and Nikki clothesline each other. Doudrop misses a splash into the corner.

Liv goes for a cross body but Doudrop catches her and hits a Michinoku Driver but Rhea breaks up the cover. Rhea goes for RipTide and hits it for the three count.

After the match, Rhea stares down Bianca and then Damian and Finn join Rhea in the ring.

Winner: Rhea Ripley

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