June 6th, 2022
 WWE Hell In A Cell – June 5th 2022

Digital | Screen Captures

A brawl broke out between all six competitors that led to the good guys sending Edge and Priest out of the ring. Balor and Styles launched Morgan at Ripley to hit a hurricanrana before The Eradicator took her former tag team partner down with a stiff headbutt.

Ripley proceeded to dismantle Morgan for a while, but she couldn’t keep her down for the pin. The Judgment Day cemented their grip on the match as different members tagged in from both teams.

The crowd popped when Styles got the hot tag and started taking Edge and Priest down with his wide array of signature moves. Once Priest and Ripley helped him regain the upper hand, Edge drilled Balor with a Spear to get the win.

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