April 6th, 2021
 RAW – April 5th 2021

Digital | Screen Captures

We start the match with Asuka and Baszler locking-up. Baszler takes the wrist but Asuka turns the tables and goes to a headlock. Asuka hits a shoulder tackle and then they shove each other a few times. Asuka hits another shoulder and Shayna falls. Asuka stomps her face a few times, then looks to tag Ripley but she shakes her head. Baszler punches Shayna, then Rhea tags herself in.

Baszler takes Ripley’s back but the Nightmare turns it around and hits a body slam, throwing Shayna across the ring! Jax tags in and comes face-to-face with Ripley and shoves her. Rhea fires back and they trade shots, then Ripley randomly tags Asuka in and climbs out. Jax grabs Asuka but the Champ slides off and kicks her in the gut. Asuka goes to a Black Widow submission but Asuka gets distracted with Rhea and thrown off.

Jax drops Asuka with a body attack, then forces her to the corner for a splash. Nia looks for another but Asuka avoids it and connects with a Codebreaker. Asuka tags Ripley in and she comes in against Shayna and goes to work. Reggie gets on the apron to distract Ripley and it works, allowing Shayna to hit a chop block. Jax tags herself in and drags Rhea under the bottom rope and slams her into the apron.

Back live and Shayna viciously stomps on Ripley’s ankle. Shayna forces her to the corner and tags Jax for a body slam and an elbow drop. Jax tags Baszler again and she beats her in the corner with hooks, then hits a snapmare and a kick to the back. Baszler goes to a heel hook to continue targeting the ankle. Shayna drops some elbows on the leg, then tags Jax but Rhea is able to drop her and crawl to Asuka.

The Empress tags in against Baszler and comes in hot. Asuka runs over Shayna and goes to the top rope but Ripley punches her off! Rhea Ripley grabs Asuka from behind and lifts her up, then slams her down face-first. Ripley puts Asuka back in the ring and Baszler hits a running knee for the win!

Rhea Ripley smiles and shouts at Asuka from ringside, saying she’s more than ready. This is her division now.


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